Hope Pass Double IPA:

Imagine you’ve just run 55 miles and you’re on top of the 12,600 foot Hope Pass for the 2nd time in just a few hours. You can stand there and look down over Twin Lakes and Leadville, knowing that home is just a short 45 mile jog away. The air is crisp with pine and citrus and life is good. Made with an abundance of C-type hops and Victory malt, Hope Pass is built to be much easier to drink than it is to climb.

Night Run Russian Imperial Stout:

Named in celebration of the annual LT100 practice run that starts at sundown, 24 miles from town. This beer is huge and dark with an intense combination of roasted, fruit and toasted coffee**-like notes. Built to keep your motor running when it’s cold and dark out there.

** no coffee was harmed in the making of this beer.

Uncrushable Mini RIS:

The legend of Uncrushable started with the death of our grain mill while trying to make our RIS. The result was a relatively wimpy, yet crowd pleasing English Stout. So, we set pen to paper to calculate how to make the same beer intentionally. In our humble opinion, this one is even better!

Bleidorf Kölsch-style Ale:

The “I can’t believe it’s not a lager” ale … and a tough style to make correctly. We use all German grains, noble German hops and cook using the “hoch-kurz” mash profile to draw out both sweet and dry notes for the specialized German yeast to work with. Our version adds a touch of wheat malt for body and character.

Bluebird Day Honey Blond Ale:

As crisp and refreshing as the perfect ski day that locals have dubbed a “Blue Bird Day” … this signifies the perfect combination of snow and blue sky to keep you blissfully sliding away. Bluebird is a light flavored American blond with a healthy dose of honey to sweeten it up and put some zing on the finish. Close those eyes while you take a sip and imagine whisking down those slopes!

Practice Parade Wee-heavy Scotch Ale:

Inspired by the crazy kilt-bearers that celebrate St. Patty’s day in September, we decided that Leadville needed some help fighting through the cold winters until the actual St. Paddy’s parade day arrives. This traditional Scottish “wee heavy” style beer finishes with hints of burnt toast and caramel. Slainte!

Boomtown Brown Ale:

The younger brother of our Beetle Kill Imperial Brown ale, this brown stands-alone with a great body and nutty finish. Makes squirrels do the happy dance!

Sugarloaf Amber Ale:

Born out of pure creation…and maybe a little bit of convenience … this version of Amber is a combination of lighter bodied grains and citrusy cascade hops. The result is an award winning beer that is unique and flavorful. Malty and clean with just a touch of caramel nuttiness and pine to finish it off. Tastes like it smells when climbing Sugarloaf Mountain in the rain.

Treeline Tropics Red Double IPA

Powerline Black Double IPA:

Most runners in the LT100 dread climbing Powerline in the dark of night after they’ve been running for 20 hours. This beer is as big as that mountain feels … malty and roasty under an intense coating of Columbus, Centennial, Chinook & Simcoe. A big beer to help celebrate those that make it up and over the dreaded Powerline climb to Sugarloaf pass.

Matchless Mine IPA:

Matchless? Really? That’s a bit of an ego-trip … however, the name is more about the local mine built by Horace Tabor. Google it. The famous Tabor legend does not come from building a well-balanced hoppy beer. That’s what we did after combining 4 different hops in 3 different phases of the process.

Winfield Wheat:

The only thing better than reaching Winfield in the LT100 and knowing that every step is taking you one step closer to home would be to have this beer in hand for most of that return trip. A traditional Belgian Wit style featuring bitter orange peel and coriander at flame-out. Leaves us with citrus and yumminess all mixed together.

Mt. Massive Series:

#1 Belgian Strong Dark

We tried to scavenge enough juniper & blue spruce boughs for the malting along with a hand full of local juniper berries for the boil process. Brewed on a wreath of pine boughs, and a handful of Juniper berries, this Strong Dark has a pleasant aroma and bold flavor. The result is a Belgian malt bomb that resonates with pine and juniper.

#2 Belgian Tripel

When traversing the peaks of Mt Massive, you want a beer that tastes great, but won’t weigh you down! With our Massive Traverse Tripel, you will get all of the flavor and alcohol you need, without the heavy feeling. Climb peaks, traverse saddles, and see the sights… of a delicious golden colored Belgian Tripel served in a tulip glass.

#3 Belgian Golden Strong


Seasonal Releases:


Ticky-tacky-ticky-tacky-ooi-ooi-ooi! This is not the yellow beer of festivals, rather a throwback traditional Märzen style. Honey-like sweetness and slight carmel flavors keep us thinking about Oktoberfest times to come! Ein, zwei, drei, g’suffa!

Beetle Kill Imperial Brown Ale

Numero Uno Amber:

Unlike traditional American Amber ales, this is made with a touch of Belgian Biscuit malt, giving it a dry toasty flavor to compliment the citrusy cascade hops. This is the very first batch of beer we made as PB!

Waves of Grain Amber:

What started as a one-shot, grab-no-make recipe is turning into a crowd pleaser. We still like our original Amber ale better, however you can’t have that one right now. Instead you get a nice Amber ale with just a hint of carmelized nuttiness to keep it interesting.

Dark Elf Chocolate Mint Porter:

We started with a baltic style porter and proceeded to beat it into chocolatey submission with more and more of those malts that make you think there has to be some actual chocolate in the beer. There’s not. However, there were a bunch of chocolate mint leaves that gave up their mintiness for the cause.